Sic Bo Game Rule:

I. Bet Options:
  1. Small Bet (Under 11): Small bets win when the point total of the three dice isbetween 4and 10 (also expressed as "Under 11").
  2. Big Bet (Over 10): Big bets win when the point total of the three dice isbetween 11 and 17 (also expressed as "Over 10").
  3. Odd Bet (Odd Number): Odd Bets win when the point total of the three dice isodd number.
  4. Event Bet (Event Number): Event Bets win when the point total of the three dice is even number.
  5. Numbers Bet:If you place a wager on any of the six numbered boxes in the "Numbers Bet" area at the bottom of the table layout, you will win according to how many of the three dice come up with the selected number.
  6. Specific Triple:To win a Specific Triple bet, all three of the dice must show the Specific Triple you select.
  7. Any Triple:To win the Any Triple bet, all three of the dice must how the same number, but it can be any of the size possible numbers.
  8. Specific TotalTo win a Specific Total bet, all three of the dice must add up to the Specific Total you select.
  9. Specific Double:To win a Specific Double bet, two of the three dice must show the Double you select.
 10. Pair Match:To win a Pair Match bet, two of the three of the dice must make the pair selected.

II Payouts
  Bet Type                   Payout
  1. Small Bet (Under 11)    1:1
  2. Big Bet (Over 10)       1:1
  3. Odd Bet (Odd Number)    1:1
  4. Even Bet (Even Number)  1:1
  5. Number Bet
     Numbers - Single        1:1
     Numbers - Double        2:1
     Numbers - Triple        3:1
  6. Specific Triple         150:1
  7. Any Triple              24:1
  8. Specific Total
     Total = 4               50:1
     Total = 5               18:1
     Total = 6               14:1
     Total = 7               12:1
     Total = 8               8:1
     Total = 9               6:1
     Total = 10              6:1
     Total = 11              6:1
     Total = 12              6:1
     Total = 13              8:1
     Total = 14              12:1
     Total = 15              14:1
     Total = 16              18:1
     Total = 17              50:1
  9. Specific Double         8:1
 10. Pair Match              5:1

III. All Small, Big, Odd and Event Bets lose when the result is Any Triple.

IV. If any of the three dice is not lying flat or any dice overlap another dice after the dice have been tumbled, dealer would reactivate the dice tumbler three times. In case of such situation occurred, no placed wager can be withdrawn or cancelled.


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